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A mini TV serial on terrorism:

Consists of two films in which Muslim clergymen and intellectuals explain the terrorism phenomenon from the Islamic viewpoint, thus trying to eliminate the stereotypes that describe Islam as a religion of terrorism. The films are about the Balkan region, but carry messages that are common to all the people living there.


''Dead End Street'' (37', 2003)

Themes of the film are from Bosnia and Kosovo


“Colors of the Balkans” (35’, 2003)

Themes of the film are from Bulgaria, Albania and Macedonia

The serial covers the independent media’s history and battle strategies for social change in Serbia, from the early 1990s until 2010. The series introduces all the main independent media companies of that period from all over Serbia. Underlying each episode is the idea of the importance and essential relevance of independent thought and journalism, for every society that wishes to be a healthy society.

The serial also opens broader issues, such as: the attitude of the independent journalist towards proclaimed state and social priorities, problems related to economic pressures, facing danger that may go as far as life-threatening circumstances for journalists, the people who “broke” in such extreme situations…

30 jingles

30 jingles (lasting between 1 and 2 minutes, on average) made for TV B 92, under the title “Don’t let us forget – for responsible journalism, ANEM”).

TV series2

"Colors of the Balkans''