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''Ex NEWS''

Short documentary films in the form of news that daily present the most important and most interesting events of the day. The first serial that covers the period from May 1st, 1991 to Feb. 10th, 1992 was broadcasted on TV Studio B. It included 285 TV programs with an average duration of 7 minutes each. We endeavored to achieve the highest possible objectivity by using several sources (RTS, STUDIO B, YUTEL, HTV, various print media).

The new edition of Ex NEWS covers the period from Sept. 1st, 1992 to April 30th, 1993. The programs were broadcasted on TV B 92 twice a day, as well as on five local TV stations in Serbia. The news were presented by the most famous Yugoslav anchorwoman Dusanka Kalanj. The author of the series is Ivana Lalic.

A total of 526 Ex NEWS programs have been recorded so far.

''Future News''

A special New Year’s program which shows a Monty-Pythonesque view of Serbia on New Year’s Eve, 2012.