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TV series on drug addiction:

A series of five documentary films treating the problem of drug addiction, each one from a particular angle:

"The Balkan Connection"

“Obrenovac D.C.” (24’, 2001)

Obrenovac is one of the cities in Serbia with the highest rate of drug addicts per capita. The film tells the story of a heroin addict, how his environment relates to him, the attitude of city officials towards solving the problem of drug addiction…

“The Official Story” (21’, 2001)

The film treats the problem of drug addiction in Serbia from the viewpoint of officers of the law, namely, policemen, inspectors, customs officers, etc. Running parallel to their story is the story of a former drug addict, who now runs a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts.

“That’s the way I look at it now” (28’, 2001)

The film shows the attitudes of regular, average people regarding the different issues connected to drug addiction. For example, how they themselves would solve the problem, how they feel about drug addicts, do they support the legalization of “light drugs”, how much do the state and the police really do to put an end to drug trafficking, how much corruption is there in government institutions, etc.

“More Potent than Drugs” (51’, 2001)

A film about the rehabilitation of drug addicts. The methods that are applied in Serbia in the treatment of addicts are presented. Besides the official medical methods, the film treats an alternative method that is based on spirituality and religion, and is proving to be increasingly successful.

“The Balkan Connection” (24’, 2002)

A film about a group of dealers smuggling drugs from Turkey into Serbia. It is a true story, except that the names have been changed and a reconstruction of events is played out. Speaking for the film are Inspectors from the narcotics department of the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs and from the National Bureau of Interpol.

TV series3

A mini serial on ecology:

The Pancevo Case (29’, 2003)

The topic of this film is the problem of environmental pollution in Pancevo, especially the consequences of the 1999 bombing.

Night and Day (25’, 2003)  

The film spends one working night and day with the employees of the city sanitation department. Through the problem of sanitation in a large city, it deals with the position of those who maintain it, as well as the relation of society towards them.

TV series

''Obrenovac D.C.''

''Night and Day''