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(17', 2001.)

A documentary feature film about the Dubrovnik war front.


(45', 2000.)

Documentary feature films about the phenomenon of the leader and the “great robbing of the people”. Using a combined form of documentary and feature film, this film shows how the regime of Slobodan Milosevic resorted to corruption, fraud, and embezzlement against its own people. The basis of the film consists of stories about banks that the Serbian regime has created with the single aim of snatching money away from the people in the easiest possible way.


(24', 2000)

The documentary feature film is based on the fundamental idea of drawing a parallel between Orwell’s novel 1984 and the situation in Serbia in 2000, before the overthrowing of Milosevic’s regime on October 5th, 2000, of course.

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Aleksandra Radonjić is an exceptionally skilled vocal talent who overrides all the local Balkan vortexes, bringing together the whole world in her unique musical personality.

MANIFESTO is an artistic film, one that verges on the experimental. It is a film about an artist and her environment. Here, the artist is singular, alone, in this declaration of her credo, a declaration of her personal and artistic denomination.