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(40', 2006.)

A film about the life of an al-Qaeda officer, who went from being a terrorist to becoming a deeply repentant man who experienced catharsis. Ali Hamad (34), born in Bahrain, is the first officer who offered to testify against Osama Bin Laden, to whom he swore his loyalty in the 1980s. He was recruited by the al-Qaeda when he was only 18, after he had run away from home, due to difficult family circumstances. After his military training in Afghanistan, he went to Bosnia in 1992 on Bin Laden’s orders, where he led a unit of 107 men (the “El Mujahedin Unit”) that committed horrific crimes. He married a Bosnian woman, and they have two daughters.

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(43', 2004.)

A documentary film that tackles the following question – What are the positions of Serbia and Republika Srpska in relation to Europe and European integrations?

According to the authors of the film, the citizens face two possible paths – one leading into Europe, and the other leading to isolation. Will they choose a modern, European Serbia, or a lawless country of crime and general insecurity? The authors attempted to point out the necessary conditions for European integration, the importance of cooperating with The Hague Tribunal, how the false myths about war heroes might be revealed, as well as the lobbies which do not find the legal and security framework of the EU working to their advantage… Besides being filmed in Serbia and Republika Srpska, it was also filmed in Slovenia, where various guests spoke about the Slovenian experience of joining the EU, at the same time considering the situation in Serbia and Montenegro.


(97', 2005.)

The film deals with the situation in Serbia today, as seen from a specific angle – through the viewpoint of the pornographic film industry. The atmosphere in Serbia, a country facing many challenges, is presented in a special way. The main storyline consists of the shocking life stories of porno-actors. Their fates can be seen as a metaphor for one of the darkest spheres of this society – its destruction, which is still taking place.


(52', 2005.)

The basic idea of this documentary film is to develop, by way of discussions between various groups of young people in various environments, the basic topics of the film, which is meant primarily for the younger population. These topics are: our heritage from the past and what the future brings, what are the obstacles for the better future of young people, exposing the newly-formed myth about the so-called “Serbian heroes” …